Guizhou Province, which is “the place to invest at the moment”, has given four promises to build a business highland in China

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Lina, By Arizona Chinese American

The seminar of business environment, a major event of 2019 Cross-Border Investment and Trade Fair, Guizhou Inland Opening-Up Pilot Economic Zone, China has been held in Guiyang. Guizhou, which is praised as “the place to invest at the moment” has made the following “four promises”: government and enterprises shall work together; the market shall be given priority; credit first and a favorable environment of supply and demand shall be built, making Guizhou a business highland in China.

Experts from home and abroad and representatives of cities with advanced business environment have discussed how to push Guizhou forward to create a business highland of services better than its neighboring provinces with lower costs and fees. The discussion focuses on the construction of an efficient and transparent government environment, a fair competitive market and a fair and just legislation, with global advanced experiences as benchmark.

In 2016, the State Council of China approved the establishment of the “Guizhou Inland Open Economic Pilot Zone”, giving Guizhou a new mission of building a pilot area for inland investment and trade facilitation as well as an experimental area for modern industrial development and for poverty alleviation by opening-up inland China and creating a good business environment.

According to Lu Yongzheng, deputy Governor of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province shall take building a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment as its focus in introducing advanced productive forces, propelling industrial development and improving comparative advantages. Among the provincial governments in China, Guizhou has taken the lead in using the World Bank Business Environment Assessment Standard to launch a third-party assessment of the provincial business environment, continuously carrying out centralized renovation and upgrading actions to optimize the business environment. Guizhou has provided convenient, efficient and high-quality whole-process services for enterprises. Guizhou shall also continue to prepare itself to support the expansion of industries and enterprises.

Lance James Louis Paganini, chairman of the New Zealand-China Business and Trade Association, introduced that a good credit system has been established in the business environment of New Zealand with features of convenience, rapidity and transparency.

Professor Gu Pingan of the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC (State Administration College), secretary-general of the Education and Research Association of Chinese Public Administration Society, believes that the standardization of examination and approval services shall be the basis for building a sound business environment.

Business environment cannot be built without facilitation and credit system. Professor Xu Zhiduan of Xiamen University, executive director of China Business Environment Research Center, puts forward that the government shall first improve its administrative efficiency, service quality. The government shall reduce institutional costs. The government shall make scientific and technological innovation its main strategy, the vitality of the market its main goal, providing motive power for the innovation activities of enterprises, especially those of private enterprises.

To comprehensively optimize and improve the business environment in Guizhou, in 2019, the General Office of Guizhou Government has issued the “Work Plan for the Optimization and Promotion of the Business Environment in Guizhou Province”. The Plan mainly talks about the difficulties, impediments and blockages of enterprises and people in starting businesses, emphasizing on the simplification of procedures, the reduction of declaration materials. The Plan also proposes to speed up the administrative examination and approval, facilitating the people. The Plan strives to minimize procedures, materials, time and costs.

Wang Wenxiang, deputy director of the Investment Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, says that improving the level of government services and service efficiency through information technology aims at offering convenient and convenient services for enterprises. The government shall further propel the reform of “Streamlining government and delegating authorities, transforming government functions and optimizing services”. The government shall remove more restrictions of market entry, ensuring a legal and fair access of all types of subjects to more industries and fields. The government shall expand market development space. In terms of supervision, the government shall actively implement fair and just supervisions, adopting credit supervision, lenient supervision and comprehensive law enforcement supervision.

Guizhou has taken the lead in using the World Bank Business Environment Assessment Standard to launch a third-party assessment of the provincial business environment, carrying out centralized renovation and promotion actions to optimize the business environment.

At present, Guizhou’s business environment has initially formed a transparent and efficient government environment, a fair competitive market and a just legal environment. It is time to invest in Guizhou.

On behalf of Investment Promotion Bureau of Guizhou Province, Director Ma Lei has promised to create a favorable business environment. Guizhou government shall work together with enterprises and standardize the legal system. The government shall do it upmost to think for the enterprise. The government shall give priority to the market and credit, creating good business environment.